Are We There Yet?

“The destination is great, but it’s the journey  we came for…it’s the journey that IS life!”

I remember going to “the lake” when I was little.  Being typical kids, my sister and I frequently asked, “Are we there yet?”  A very short time later, the question would be repeated….and repeated…. and repeated.  Sound familiar?

Here I am all these years later, establishing new habits of thought – trying not to ask that repeated question……..instead, learning to enjoy the journey – all of it!  What I once thought were boring, mundane, stressful or busy days and even exciting, and anticipatory days are now all becoming amazing “journey days“.  Life is a journey and learning how to “live” it is indeed a journey in itself.

Yes, I am a traveler to “The Edge”.  Life calls me to go there and experience every minute of it.  I’m hooked!  I’m experiencing the journey!  I’m experiencing Life!

What is “The Edge“? Journey with me and we’ll discover it together!

Livin' life to the full!

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