What Is It That You Really Like To Do?

Julie and Julia

“What is it that you REALLY like to do?”
That is the question Paul Child asked his confused wife, Julia Child after moving to France in the 1950s. The answer that flowed from her without hesitation: “EAT! That’s what I really like to do! I am good at it!” She followed her passion which led to a journey beyond her wildest imagination. Julia just followed what felt joyous to her; she went with the flow and enjoyed life as it unfolded and expanded.  There was no grand plan. For her, it was about the journey – the process of researching, writing…. and eating! (the book took 8 years from inception to publication).  Julia Child “Came to the Edge” wondering what to do with her life, identified her joy and said “yes” to exploring it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:
Ask yourself: “What is it that I REALLY like to do?”
Be honest! Be true! Let yourself really speak the answer! Write it down. Post it in your bathroom, in your wallet, on your desk and on the fridge. Let your imagination feel it, see it and touch it! Allow the dream that IS inside of you to come to the surface. Allow it to grow in your mind and in your imagination. This is step 1 to “Coming to the Edge…Today”

This post cheerfully submitted knowing that I love sharing inspiration and I love to eat – Joan Kappes

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