I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die

“I’m gonna live ‘til I die

I’m gonna laugh instead of cry

I’m gonna take the town and turn it upside down

I’m gonna live, live, live ‘til I die!!!!” – Performed by Frank Sinatra


How we live is a choice, isn’t it?
Notice the energy and determination of this song. There is no “maybe” here. I’m gonna “live” – as I define living. I’m going to look for what makes me laugh. I’m going to turn my town, or my house or my workplace upside down with my zest for living each day!

How we approach our day is a decision. For most of us, it’s a habit of thought.
What are habits? They are comfort zones for us humans. Whether they are productive or nonproductive, we have grown comfortable with our unique habits, or we wouldn’t have them, would we? (We’ll dive into habits and how they impact our “Coming to the Edge” of our dreams in future blogs.) For now, let’s simply become aware of how we approach each day.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:
The purpose: To simply become aware of how we decide to approach and “live” each day.
Keep a journal near you for the next 7 days. Divide your paper into 6 sections:
1. AM – prior to rising
2. Mid morning
3. Lunch
4. Mid afternoon
5. Early evening
6. PM – right before bedtime
Note what you are thinking and feeling about each segment of your day. No judgments, just observations. For example: AM- prior to rising: “Feeling anxious about the day. Need to pay bills and worried about where the money is coming from” Mid morning: “Kids were fighting after breakfast – I am frustrated that they can’t get along”. PM – right before bedtime – “I’m enjoying the peace and quiet that is here right now. Grateful for a Summer day”

As you consciously become aware of your patterns of thought, you will soon be able decide which habits of thought are serving you.  Then, you too can really choose to “live” til you die!

This is OUR time to live – Joan Kappes

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