Boldly Go Where You’ve Never Been Before

Bold:    adjective,-er, -est.

  1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a bold hero.
  2. not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent: He apologized for being so bold as to speak to the emperor.
  3. necessitating courage and daring; challenging: a bold adventure.
  4. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative: Einstein was a bold mathematician. a difficult problem needing a bold answer.

Are you wanting to really “live” your life?  Are you intrigued by the thought of “Coming to the Edge Today”?

One of the characteristics of “Coming-to-the-Edge”-living is being Bold.  It is “Boldly going where no one has been before” -Star Trek    Well, at least boldly going where you have never been before!  All of us want to have a “bigger” life – we want to L-I-V-E!  We want to grow and this desire calls us to develop this quality.  Yes, it means “going out on a limb” and venturing in new thoughts and actions but that’s what living is anyway!  Might as well be Bold and deliberately experience it all, don’t you think?

Bold – not reckless.

What is being Bold?  Being Bold means being in touch with You enough to know when a change of how you are “be-ing” is required and a willingness to listen to the Wisdom deep within.  Boldness is a state of openness and adventure and the willingness to “go to the next level” when it’s time to go.  Being Bold involves a readiness to take action (or not) when appropriate.   It means letting go when it’s time to let go.  Sometimes we are called to be Bold in thought; sometimes we are called to be Bold in action.

What does Boldness look like?  The following are a few examples:

  • Telling a new story about how your life is now is a very Bold idea
  • Making the commitment to see one new opportunity TODAY is very Bold
  • Noticing one new positive quality about a friend or family member (especially one you don’t really like) is Bold
  • Taking 15 minutes each day to meditate or go for a walk or enjoy a quiet bath is Bold
  • Leaving a job that you hate and pursuing your lifelong dream is very Bold (make sure you’ve listened to your Inner Voice before trying, however!)
  • Letting go of a habit you’ve wanted to change is Bold
  • Letting go of the view of you as victim is Bold
  • Taking responsibility for your own life – no more blaming another.  Take responsibility for your failures AND successes
  • Acknowledging (and living each day) as the Child of the Creator that you are is very Bold

The definition and expression of Boldness  is unique for all of us, but this willingness to stretch and “go where we’ve never been before” is what we’re really reaching for as we “Come to the Edge Today”.

Are you Bold when it comes to your life:  what you think about it, how you live it and the dreams you dream?  Leap!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:

 Dare to be Bold:  Write down at least one dream you know you have inside of you but haven’t had the courage to declare on paper (you know the one – it speaks to you from the deepest part of you!)  Allow yourself to write it on paper.  Once on paper, see if you can expand it a little bigger.  Then, see how you can expand it, yet again.  See how “bold” you can make this dream!  It’s ok, let it grow!  Read it everyday for 30 days – expand on it each day if you can.  Let it come alive!

This post gratefully submitted while boldy going where I’ve never been before – Joan Kappes

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