Welcome to Camp Granada Where Believing is Seeing

Allan Sherman’s Camp Granada

Welcome to Camp Granada, where believing is seeing!

The lake has alligators, the head coach reads from something called Ulysses, my bunk mate has malaria(!) and I might be eaten by a bear!  I HATE IT HERE AND I’M GOING TO PROVIDE YOU (AND ME) WITH EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP!

Isn’t this how many of us live?  We act and react based on thousands of individual beliefs- originating from….somewhere.  Most of the time we don’t even know these beliefs have an origin; we think it’s ‘just the way it is’.

Back to the experience at Camp Granada, I don’t want to go to camp in the first place because I believe it is going to be stupid, uncomfortable, boring, lonely and terrible due to the rain, etc. etc.  Now that I am here, I’ve quickly found evidence for what I believe and I’ve only been here one whole day!

Suddenly, there is a turn of events – something unforeseen (a Black Swan has appeared)!  It’s enough for me to open up just a little to see the possibility that there could be something more!  I expected to hate this, but ,,,,Wait a minute, guys are  swimming, guys are sailing!  Hey, I see a new possibility – hey, that’s better!  I’m leaving my old beliefs for now – I’m opening up!  – muddah, faddah, kindly disregard this letter!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:

(Have fun with this one!)  Think of a “Camp Granada” attitude when you were sure of the reality of how “it was”.  Remember the circumstance, the feeling, the thoughts.  Now, recall the “Black Swan” – the turn of events that, from out of the blue, everything turned out better than you imagined.  What were your feelings?  Did you resist at first or did you immediately go with it and let it happen?  How did it feel when you let go?

Life is full of these “Black Swan” opportunities – when what we think is impossible, suddenly not only becomes possible but becomes the new and improved reality!  The Key:  Be aware and be open.  “Coming to the Edge” is full of these moments!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale

Gratefully submitted knowing that believing is seeing – Joan Kappes

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