It’s My Journey…After All

It’s so easy to look at another person and compare what they are doing with what I am doing, isn’t it?  In the past, I would often compare another’s actions, story and essence with myself…. and guess who usually came up on the short end of the stick?  Me!  “They do this so well” and “they are much better about this than I am”………..get the picture?  The fact is, it’s completely inaccurate and impractial to compare myself with any other.  Why?  Because each person’s Being, story, makeup AND intentions are totally unique –  no one person’s journey is the same – ever.  Focusing on our uniqueness is where the adventure is!

This journey we are sharing at “Come to the Edge Today” is about My individual adventure and Yours. For example, each week I spend a few hours at Barnes and Noble where, on Tuesday mornings, an elderly gentleman (around 95 years old) slowly shuffles into the coffee shop.  He  purchases a small cup of coffee then settles in at ‘his’ table to read the newspaper where he keeps current on world events.  He deliberately wears a suit, bow tie, dress shoes and carries an umbrella and overcoat.  A few hours later, his cell phone rings loudly with the sound of the old fashioned “ring, ring”.   He answers and says that he will meet his ride at the front door.  He has become my inspiration these past months.  I admire his desire to be engaged and his commitment to be purposeful with his day.   This is his “edge”.  Comparing or judging my journey with his would diminish both of us.   I am learning from him and am thankful for his example.

The beauty and freedom of seeing life through this lens – I claim my journey as Mine while learning and growing from and with you…….That’s  “Come to the Edge Today living”!

Today’s “Leaping” exercise:  Purpose:  Become aware of how I compare myself with others

For the next week, carry a notebook with the intention of jotting down everytime you find yourself comparing (positively or negatively) with another.  What is the topic?  How does it feel?  Am I “a winner”, “loser”,  or neutral in the comparison?  Is there a thought I can think right now that will acknowledge our unique experiences rather than compare?  What can I learn from this person?  What can they learn from me? 

Lovingly posted, knowing you are on your journey too –Joan Kappes

4/2/12 Post Script:  Since the creation of this post, this wonderful gentleman is still visiting Barnes & Noble every Tuesday.  He has slowed down some and shuffles a little more.  Today he is wearing a tweed jacket.  My heart delights at seeing him each week.  He is still learning.  He is still expanding.  He is still living his life.  “Thank you”, dear Sir……

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