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How To Grow, Expand and Live!

September 29, 2010

  ‘The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club’ We are made to grow!  Our cells and our soul were created to expand.  The very core of our being calls us to “Come to the Edge Today”!  Little ones know nothing but expansion.  Their life’s purpose is to physically, emotionally and spiritually grow.  […]

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Your Dream-Come-True Moment

September 27, 2010

It is a rainy Fall evening – I’m in the garage, full of inspiration, blissfully making Fall wreaths, centerpieces and decorations in preparation for the Boutique this weekend.   The garage is a delightful disaster, filled with styrofoam, pumpkins, ribbon – everything I’ve been collecting for the past year (including years of great crafting “stuff” whose time has come to […]

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Make Room for Your Life – Not Your Stuff

September 22, 2010

George Carlin’s “Stuff” Let’s be totally honest – We Love Stuff!  We like surrounding ourselves with stuff – it gives us pleasure.  We enjoy it.  I know I do (just ask my husband!)  Our stuff helps us define who we are; it’s an expression to the world and to ourselves of who we believe we are. […]

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Meditation – Where I Am Is Perfect

September 21, 2010

Some days I feel focused – certain of where I am and where I am headed. Other days I feel unsure, alone and frightened because of what I am choosing to focus upon. Can you relate? As I leap into a bigger, “Come to the Edge Today” life, I am learning to become more consistent […]

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Everybody Cut-Loose, Footloose!

September 17, 2010

Footloose Everybody Cut-Loose – Footloose!  It’s time to motivate and Rev-It-Up, fellow “leapers”!  Today we’re practicing a new way of be-ing!  Why?  Because we adults have developed habits that stifle our hearts and energy flow.  No need to dive into the “why’s” of it – the intention today is to experience something new!  To release […]

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Gratitude-It Worked For The ‘Gurus’!

September 14, 2010

Thankfulness –  Gratitude – Appreciation   – 3 life changing words! In “Gratitude – The Only Way to Fly”, I shared 20 powerful reasons why these words and ways of “being” are exceptional tools for creating a “Come to the Edge Today” life.  In this reflection, I’d like to share with you thoughts and beliefs about gratitude through the eyes of Wise […]

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Gratitude-The Only Way to Fly!

September 13, 2010

Thankfulness –  Gratitude – Appreciation – We use these words all the time:  “Thanks for the gift”, “I appreciate your help”, “I am grateful for your presence here tonight”, yet do we experience their power and their depth?  These words and ways of “being” are exceptional tools for creating a “Come to the Edge Today” life. […]

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