Everything IS Fine

“It’s OK.  Everything is fine.  You’ve always been guided.  Even now you are watched, and held, and adored.  You’ve made great stuff happen, and you will make more great stuff happen.  You’ve changed lives.  You’ve changed your own.  You’ve moved mountains and done the impossible.  You’ve been scared and you overcame.  You’ve been knocked down and you rose.  And you’ve been lost, or so you thought, only to discover it was just the calm before another storm of creativity, love, and fun.”  – Mike Dooley-‘Notes from the Universe’  

Aren’t these soothing words?  I have this framed on my desk and read it everyday.  As I “Come to the Edge Today“, intentionally creating my life, it’s reassuring to know that everything IS fine, even if I don’t see the “hows” of its unfolding.

In retrospect, I have moved mountains (at least what I thought to be mountains) and I have overcome a lot.  I have felt lost and yes, it was the calm before the next big adventure in my life!  This is comforting to me as somehow  it puts into perspective everything I have done in striving to  “live on the edge” of creating a bigger life.

Yes, I am “out-there” (because I want to be) and I am not alone.  Knowing this is enough to take yet another leap………….


Today’s quote is taken from “Notes from the Universe” by Mike Dooley.  Mike is a life adventurer who “Comes to the Edge” daily in his life and writings.  He offers free daily “Notes from the Universe” (I look forward to seeing them in my email every weekday!)  ………..Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Allow yourself 15 -30 minutes to quietly reflect on how you have moved mountains in your life, how you have done the impossible.  Recall moments when you were scared and overcame and when you were lost and discovered “it was the best thing that ever happened to me”.  Allow yourself time to reflect on the loving message that “it IS ok”, that everything is fine, and that you are guided – you are not alone.  Enjoy this blanket of Love!

Submitted with gratitude for moving mountains – Joan Kappes

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