Life is Meant to be Fun!

Piano Staircase –

Life is meant to be Fun!!!

Come-to-the-Edge-living” is all about fun and allowing life to feel “deep-down-good”!

We do what we do thinking and hoping that our activities, hobbies, commitments, etc. will help us feel good!  (Take the  “should” activities out of the examples running through your mind right now and I think you will discover that this is true.)  We want to feel good and we want to have fun!  (Allowing it is another discussion…. Stay tuned for future posts.)

Do we expect our day to be filled with good feelings?  Do we expect our day (even workdays) to have fun in them? Do we expect joy?  Do we expect to laugh and feel love?  The opposite is also true.  We can expect to have a bad day.  We can expect to be bored.  We can expect to be hurt… get the picture.  It’s a choice, really.  What are you expecting to see today?  The choice is ours.

This Piano Staircase video is just…fun! It’s fun to watch people having fun,  playing and exploring even the simplest things, don’t you think?  When you have an opportunity to play, will you dare to take the stairs?

Here’s to experiencing the fun in life!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Each day this week, choose to deliberately experience at least one fun activity- either by your initiation or by choosing to participate in another’s activity or conversation.


This post was submitted (while having great fun) by Joan Kappes

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