Everybody Cut-Loose, Footloose!


Everybody Cut-Loose – Footloose!  It’s time to motivate and Rev-It-Up, fellow “leapers”!  Today we’re practicing a new way of be-ing!  Why?  Because we adults have developed habits that stifle our hearts and energy flow.  No need to dive into the “why’s” of it – the intention today is to experience something new!  To release and get unstuck! 

How do we shift our way of be-ing and begin living from our heart’s energy and inspiration?   Practice!  That’s right – begin practicing with small behaviors and the habits will grow.  What habits are we creating?  Habits of living in the moment, living from our heart, habits of letting-go and leaping off the edge to our dreams! 

Today’s “leaping” exercise This may seem very small and simple, but it is a starting point (and a fun one, I might add!)   So, for the next 15 minutes, commit that these attitudes and words are not welcome: “No, should, can’t, embarrassed, don’t’ know how, not able to, blah, blah, blah.”  Instead, intentionally invite these attitudes and words:   Yes!, I’ll try it, why not?, go for it, I can, I’m game!

Trust me, ok?   Trust you…………

Step 1:  For starters, play this video “Footloose”  as loud as you can.  The first time through, view it as a spectator.  Notice their freedom, their fun, their abandon.  (Yes, it’s ok to tap your foot!).  After experiencing it, go to step 2. 

Step 2:  Before starting the video again, read the lyrics below prior to pressing ‘play’.  This time, as you watch it, stand up and move – do something that feels comfortable.  Have fun and feel the music.  Feel the words.  Feel the energy.

Lyrics:  I been working so hard – Keep punching my card -Eight hours, for what? -Oh, tell me what I got-I get this feeling- That time’s just holding me down-I’ll hit the ceiling- Or else I’ll tear up this town- Tonight I gotta cut- (Chorus) Loose, footloose- Kick off your Sunday shoes-  Please, Louise- Pull me offa my knees- Jack, get back- C’mon before we crack- Lose your blues- Everybody cut footloose- You’re playing so cool- Obeying every rule- Dig way down in your heart- You’re yearning, burning for some- Somebody to tell you- That life ain’t passing you by- I’m trying to tell you- It will if you don’t even try- You can fly if you’d only cut- (Chorus)- Loose, footloose- Kick off your Sunday shoes- Oowhee, Marie- Shake it, shake it for me- Whoa, Milo- C’mon, c’mon let go-
Lose your blues- Everybody cut footloose- FIRST – we got to turn you around- SECOND – You put your feet on the ground- THIRD – Now take a hold of your soul- FOUR – Whooooooooa, I’m turning it- Loose, FOOTLOOSE

Step 3:   Play this video a third time – only this time, S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself and allow your heart to take over.  Do what your heart inspires you to do – A new dance move?  Increase the volume?  Put on a pair of those “interesting” shoes from your closet (like the shoes featured in the video)?  Sing? Do the splits?   Whatever it is, Break-Out and do something new with your heart’s energy!  Experience it!  Pay attention to what it feels like! Allow yourself to enjoy and be in the moment of the experience!

Step 4:  Shout out loud, “I DID IT!”  “I DID IT!”  “I DID IT!______________________________________________________________________

You did it – you leaped and took a risk to be led by your heart!  If it felt awkward, that’s ok.  Next time, it will be easier.  The point is, you took a risk and dared to “be” a freer You.  You experienced something new about You!  Congratulations!

So what’s next?  More practice.  When we practice, we learn to recognize and follow our heart’s lead.  We become sensitive to its energy.  Experimenting with simple exercises such as this one gets us used to what it feels like to be “alive” and what it feels like to “Come to the Edge Today”. “Really living”  involves new, learned behaviors, new risks and a new awareness of who we really are and what we are capable of doing.  Keep it simple, and continue practicing trying-on a new You.  Laugh more.  Play more.  Give yourself a break more often.  Eat something because you like it.  Do that activity that you’ve been telling yourself you “shouldn’t.  Dance more.  Spend time with people who really love you.  Reach out to that person you have been avoiding.  Give your love freely – don’t withhold anymore.  Love yourself more.  Put on those wild shoes and those crazy socks!  Have fun with your life!

 “Get so caught up in stuff that you lose sight of reality”  Amanda Sherman

Cheerfully submitted with my dancin’ shoes on – Joan Kappes

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