Your Dream-Come-True Moment

It is a rainy Fall evening – I’m in the garage, full of inspiration, blissfully making Fall wreaths, centerpieces and decorations in preparation for the Boutique this weekend.   The garage is a delightful disaster, filled with styrofoam, pumpkins, ribbon – everything I’ve been collecting for the past year (including years of great crafting “stuff” whose time has come to either find a purpose or be given to Goodwill).  The first boutique is in 48 hours and here I am, happily creating as many additional items as time will allow.  My imagination is running wild and my hot glue gun is stuggling to keep up.  For me, it is “in-the-moment” bliss.                                                                                                              

Seemingly out of nowhere (while holding a crow in one hand and a  hot glue gun in the other), I heard these inspirational words in my head:  “This is the tomorrow you dreamed about This is the moment you dreamed of!  This is the feeling and experience you hoped for when you decided to keep that silly crow and all that crafting “stuff” just one more year.  This is your dream-come-true momentExperience it – Feel it- “Be” in it!

(So, I did)

Wow…….The experience of being in-the-moment, of being gifted,  of real-time experiencing a dream come true………..simply amazing…

We have so many dreams and plans and hopes stored in our hearts.  There are so many that, over the years we often forget what is stored there.  The gift of living this life with a very generous Creator (use whatever Word you wish) is that so many of these dreams are laid before us everyday!  Yes, all those big dreams and  little dreams are constantly presenting  themselves to us.  Do we live our lives with such awareness that we recognize them?  AND,  just as importantly, when they are recognized, do we intentionally experience and “live” these moments? 

This is what “Come to the Edge Today” living is all about.  It’s being aware of what’s going on around us (and inside us) so we are able to recognize dreams coming true in real-time!  And, once we recognize it, enthusiastically and thankfully “living” the experience!  This is the marvelous “stuff” that life is made of………..the big and the small (even a crow and a glue gun)! 

This kind of living is a habit and like all habits, takes time to develop.  Be patient with yourself; with practice you will become aware of your dream-come-true moments, both large and small.  Anticipate and practice enjoying being ‘in the moment’  instead of worrying or multitasking (or whatever it is that you find yourself doing that keeps you from enjoying your “now”) and see what dreams you will experience!

Today’s “leaping” exercise: Awareness of your life is a habit and habits are created by intention and practice.  The goal of this exercise is to create the habit of recognizing and experiencing  ‘dream-come- true’ moments that surround you everyday.  It’s an internal awareness with an outward focus; With consistent practice, this habit will grow and deepen with time.   

Make a commitment to yourself that you will actively look for and anticipate moments and events in each day that you recognize as dream-come-true-moments for you.  Upon this inspiration/recognition, stop and take the time to “live” the experience.  Acknowledge.  Give thanks.  Experience.  (Suggestion:  Make several index cards with these 3 words and post them in the car, on the fridge, at work, etc.)

Remember, these can be the smallest dreams or the largest.  Following are some examples:  You thought about your favorite dessert  just yesterday (and now it  just “shows up” on the menu at lunch with a friend).  After only 2 interviews, you easily land your dream job!  You’ve wanted to decorate your bedroom and have been looking for the perfect framed art – a few hours later you are at a garage sale and there it is – the perfect piece and you purchase it for only $7.00!  You are at a party you weren’t planning on attending – but you go anyway.  Who do you meet?  The most interesting person you’ve ever met (your first date is on Saturday!)

Acknowledge.  Give thanks.  Experience.  Come to the Edge – Today!

Inspired and thankful (in my garage) – Joan Kappes

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