How To Grow, Expand and Live!

‘The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club’

We are made to grow!  Our cells and our soul were created to expand.  The very core of our being calls us to “Come to the Edge Today”!  Little ones know nothing but expansion.  Their life’s purpose is to physically, emotionally and spiritually grow.

And then, we learned caution, holding back, restraint and putting-off, didn’t we?  While there is no point in dwelling upon the ‘whys’ or ‘hows’ of our lifestyle change,  suffice it to say, we are here today, looking for growth and fresh air again.  “Come to the Edge Today” living is all about Living…Now, reclaiming, remembering and living expansively just the way we intended when we were young.

So, how do we grow?  What can motivate us to focus on expansion instead of caution, holding back, worry, etc.etc.etc.  It’s a big question!

Following are 5 tips for “How to Grow, Expand and Live Your Life”

  1. Focus your thoughts on the present – not the past.  Focusing on negative thoughts, regrets, guilt about the past serves no positive or useful purpose.  Our life is NOW and expansion means looking forward.  Whenever you find yourself getting into those negative thoughts about the past, find a pleasant thought about the present and dwell on it.  (There is always at least one pleasant thought in your ‘now’).  Grow that thought.  If your thoughts stray, gently keep bringing yourself back to a present-moment thought that gives you peace, comfort or joy.
  2. We grow by being open to just one new idea or action each day.  After a year, that’s 365 new ideas or actions!  Just by allowing one new idea (about yourself, someone you know or something in your life) or action each day inevitably leads to growth and expansion.
  3. Allow yourself to be inspired.  Watch documentaries, read biographies, listen to life stories of people who lived a life of “Coming to the Edge”.  By seeing their life’s story unfold, it becomes clear that your struggles, desires and dreams are similar and “if they can do it, so can I”!****
  4. We grow by looking forward and viewing life from the “what if….” mode rather than the “I-know-it’s-going-to-be-more-of-the-same” mode.  Dare to dream! Allowing dreams to come to the surface is the first step in their coming true.  Expansion involves realized dreams so dare to dream!
  5. We grow by expanding our heart; and, how does one expand their heart?  By being thankful! Learning to live your life with thankfulness and gratitude will change and expand your life faster than anything else I know.  It will lead you to more joy and growth and opportunity than can be imagined.

****I recommend a wonderful documentary about “THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB” (see above) which chronicles the thrilling life of aviation pioneer Florence Lowe “Pancho” Barnes, one of the most colorful and accomplished women pilots of the early 20th century.  What an extraordinary model of someone driven to grow and expand her life!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  This week, 1. Watch or read a documentary, film or biography about someone you admire.  When finished, write in your journal what inspired you about their life.  2.  Next, make a list of 10 “what if…” statements about dreams for your life.  For example:  “What if” I were to obtain my pilot’s license, take a 2 month trip to Europe, find the perfect mate,” etc.  3.  After writing the “what if” list, pretend you’ve just watched a film based upon your life’s completion of those fulfilled dreams.  What would that feel like?  What inspired you after watching this film about yourself?  4.  Choose one of those “what if” dreams – take one step each day to begin its fulfillment.  5.  Watch for signs of your growth and expansion!

Excited about your “Come to the Edge Today” life of expansion –Joan Kappes

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