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Life is Meant to be Fun!

September 9, 2010

Piano Staircase – Life is meant to be Fun!!! “Come-to-the-Edge-living” is all about fun and allowing life to feel “deep-down-good”! We do what we do thinking and hoping that our activities, hobbies, commitments, etc. will help us feel good!  (Take the  “should” activities out of the examples running through your mind right now and I think you will […]

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You Raise Me Up….to Much, Much More

September 7, 2010

  “You Raise Me Up”  by Josh Groban I enjoy listening to  music and lyrics.   Everyday as I drive in my car, I know I will  learn, feel or become inspired by something that comes across the radio, CD or ipod.   I look forward to  listening for that one “thing” that I can take with me and ponder throughout […]

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Everything IS Fine

September 2, 2010

“It’s OK.  Everything is fine.  You’ve always been guided.  Even now you are watched, and held, and adored.  You’ve made great stuff happen, and you will make more great stuff happen.  You’ve changed lives.  You’ve changed your own.  You’ve moved mountains and done the impossible.  You’ve been scared and you overcame.  You’ve been knocked down […]

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