Life is In-The-Moment

I just came in from walking the dog – it is a perfect Fall evening.  The temperature is crisp, the sky is clear so I can see the stars; the smell of Fall is breathtaking!  I found myself stopping in the middle of the driveway and breathed deeply (about 10 times) intending to catch every smell I could gather.  I was in-the-moment.  There was no thought, no “to-do” list running through my head… I had intentionally experienced the moment and it was amazing.                                                                                                                                                      

Come-to-the-Edge-Today living is filled with these “now” moments; they let us know we are “living” our life and that all around us is a gift. 

One of the “Come to the Edge Today” readers commented on the “Believing is Seeing” post and said, “Even if you know it all (the information) it’s good to be reminded so you can “check your account”.  Isn’t that true?  We believe that we know “that”, or have “seen it all” and forget to experience much of our day.  We miss the depth of what life has laid before us.  Stopping and noticing, stopping and experiencing is everything!  It is life.

 I, for one, want more of it!  Don’t you?

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  After reading this, take 10-15 minutes and go outside.  (do it now!)  Stand and soak up everything – close your eyes and smell the smells, hear the sounds and breathe slowly and deeply – at least 10 times.  Allow yourself to be “in the moment” and let your senses take you there.  Enjoy!  Repeat at least twice daily.

Knowing that “the Edge” means living in the moment – Joan Kappes

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