Jack and the Beanstalk – That’s Not How the Story Goes!

Magic Beans by Peter Mayer****       (video by dvxbrian)

Here at “Come to the Edge Today“, we know that hiding dreams in coat pockets is not how Your story goes (it’s not how my story goes either)!

Just as fairytales such as Jack and the Beanstalk convey bits of  wisdom, we know that our hearts hold vast quantities of priceless wisdom too.

Deep down, you* know that:

1.  Your life is meant for realizing your dreams, passions and desires

2.  Beans hidden in a pocket will not grow nor will stuffing your dreams deep inside

3.  You cannot rid yourself of your dreams (they are stubborn little things that interestingly enough were created by you in the first place!) so making peace with them will make life a lot easier – and fun!

4. You’ve been putting off allowing dreams to “come to life” because you are frightened by the things you just might see and perhaps, you are frightened by who You just might Be if you plant those magic beans

5.  It’s not too late to plant those seeds!

6.  Things will happen in ways you probably don’t expect (actually, they will be better)!

7.  Acknowledging and moving in the direction of your dreams begins the “magic”

Today’s “leaping exercise”:

Part 1:  Listen to some inspiring, motivating music while doing this leaping exercise.  Write a list of 10 dreams you know you have deep inside.  They can be small, medium or large.  What matters is that you “find” them.  Next, write 5 actions steps that begin to move you toward their realization.  Step 1 for each:  Clearly state WHAT you want and WHY!  Steps 2-5:  Begin with general action steps for moving forward; these can be but do not have to be the actual “how-to” steps (remember, the “how” isn’t necessarily up to you – leave some room for “magic”)! Example:  I want to tour the National Parks in the Western U.S.  Step 1:  Research all the parks I want to visit.  Step 2: Review forms of transportation I would like to experience.  NOT:  I would like to take a plane but will need to drive instead because it is the only thing I can afford – that is a “how” thought and it will take all of the “magic” out of those beans!)  Step 3: Talk with family and friends about who would like to accompany me on the adventure.  Step 4:  Plan the itinerary.  Step 5:  Set a date on the calendar!  (For me, this is the where I really “Come-To-The-Edge” because I am stating to myself and to my world, via my calendar, “I believe this can be realized”.  (By the way, every time I take this scheduling “leap”, it comes to pass – Not kidding!)  Begin with 5 steps and continue with as many steps as needed.   By this time, you’re “on a roll”, so keep the momentum going!

Part 2:  Find a pot/planter suitable for planting.  On the outside of the pot, write with permanent marker, decoupage, attach pictures, etc. your list of 10 dreams (inspired from above).  Purchase flower seeds and sow those seeds in your planter.  Watch the flowers grow along with your dreams!  Keep your planter in a location where you see it everyday and can be reminded of your dreams-coming-true.  Have fun!

Just call me … “On-the-Edge-Jack”  – Joan Kappes

* “you” as singular and plural

****Lyrics to Magic Beans

That’s not how the story goes
When do heroes play it safe?
You’ve got a job and a family-o
But not a single golden egg
And a pocket full of possibilities
Hey ho Jack, when
Will you plant them
Magic beans?

Jack, Oh Jack, what scared you so?
Made you hide those beans and run
Did you hear the rumors-o
Of the fee, fi, fo, and fum?
Were you frightened of the things you
Just might see
Hey ho Jack-o
If you plant those
Magic beans?

Jack, it’s not too late you know
To sow those seeds of fate
So throw them out your wind-o
Go to sleep, and when you wake
Things will happen
Things you never dared to dream
But they won’t happen
Unless you plant them

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