Motivate with Movies

Some days are perfect “movie days”, you know?  Some days, it just feels good (and fun) to watch other people “Come to the Edge” and it doesn’t matter whether they are “real” or “fictitious”!  I love diving into their world for awhile, observing how they handle a situation or watching them take their “leap’.                                                      

Today is one of those perfect “movie days” and I want to share them with you, fellow travelers!  The link below features 9 short movie segments filled with inspiration and motivation.  These are some of my favorites!  What are some of your inspirational scenes?  What are your favorite motivational films?  Please post your comments below!

Click here to view the movie segments!

Today’s “leaping” exercise: (You’re going to like this one!)   Allow yourself 20-25 minutes:  Find a relaxing spot, pour yourself a favorite beverage, pop some popcorn and watch these 9 inspirational/motivational movie segments!  When finished, be aware of what specifically inspired you.  Write it in your journal.  Put into action at least one idea from the  segments you can incorporate into your life – today! 

Life from “the edge” is also relaxing – Joan Kappes

Photo courtesy of tinypic

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