Lunch: Come-to-the-Edge-Today-Style

Today’s lunch began with typical lunch questions:  How much time do I have? What to eat?  Where to go? 

Little did I know that this lunch would be a “Come to the Edge Today” lesson in how to live!  

I decided on a salad (the default of choice) from the local grocery store; upon entering however, I found myself at the deli counter.  Out of character for me, I ordered one piece of chicken (dark meat, of course) and wandered to the fruit/veggie section where I chose a Minnesota-grown apple, a small bag of carrots and a diet Coke.  Since it was such a beautiful Fall day, I decided to enjoy the sunshine by eating in my car.  It was quiet there too, and I looked forward to being alone and savoring the absence of noise.  The radio was not turned on.

For some reason, I dramatically slowed down this daily routine.  Whereas in the past, I barely remembered what I had just put in my mouth, (can you relate?) I was keenly aware of myself purposely eating slowly and savoring each bite.  I allowed nothing to distract me from smelling, tasting and experiencing everything!  Each bite was deliberate, thank-filled (and amazingly flavorful).  And even though the timeframe was the same as any other day, it felt much richer and longer. 

This lunch turned out to be one of the most satisfying meals I’ve had in a long time (and it wasn’t about the uniqueness of the food)!

 Here’s why:

  • I SLOWED DOWN long enough to experience the event! 
  • I deliberately focused on one thing only – eating, tasting and sensing everything 
  • I was intentionally aware of each bite   
  • I was grateful for each morsel of food and drink
  • There were no distractions.  (It is not necessary to eat every meal alone, but it does help when you are “practicing” being aware)

This was a “Come-to-the-Edge-Today” experience for me:  L-I-V-I-N-G a simple daily routine!  I’m sharing this with you, not because I think you are interested in what I had for lunch, but because this is a perfect example of how we all can create and experience joy and newness from life’s everyday routines!

 “Living” with awareness and gratitude is very powerful.  It changes lives – even with only a small amount of “awareness” effort.  Are you ready to take a “leap” and give it a try?

 Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Eating:  “Come-to-the-Edge-Today”-style!  Choose a quiet, uninterrupted location and choose to eat alone.  Eat whatever you’d like.  Deliberately, slowly and with great intention experience your senses with every bite.  Enjoy it.  Savor it. 

What did you experience?  What was new?  What did you notice that you’ve never noticed before?  (Repeat often!)

Aware and grateful for in-the-moment moments (and looking forward to more) – Joan Kappes

Photo courtesy of Tinypic

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