Fellow Leapers-Lets Create & Inspire Just For Fun

Bobby McFerrin – Ave Maria

Living “on the edge’ inevitably brings creative “leapers” together; it’s one of the many perks!  I love watching people interact and I love interacting with others.  Fellow “leapers” creating and inspiring just for the joy of it!

I am writing this at the local library and overheard a middle aged insurance salesman ask the librarian for help finding a book for a culinary arts book report.  It was pleasing to hear the librarian listen with genuine interest as this man excitedly told the story of his plans to sell his business of 41 years and move to Paris where he will attend Le Cordon Bleu.  (Ah, Julia Child, you still inspire us!)

It is a privilege to talk with my friend who, at 52 is making plans to re-create her life, “leaping” into new adventures in a new state.  It is life giving to me to listen and create “what ifs” with her that will soon turn into “I did its”!

It is inspiring to share my 88 year old Mom’s plans for purchasing a new mobility van and watch her make plans for sharing it with others.

The “Ave Maria” video with Bobby McFarrin (see above) is fabulous.  Not only is McFarrin talented beyond measure, it is inspiring to see him interact, create and “play” with the audience as, together they cause this beautiful Bach piece to come to life.  Simple.  Fun.  Joyful.

Maybe that’s it.  Interacting with others with simplicity, joy, a sense of playfulness and the binding force – thankfulness; This is what “Come to the Edge Today” relationships strive to create.

Count me in.  How about you?

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Simply interact with someone today with the intention of creating something new – a thought, an activity, a future plan, a smile, a moment of gratitude.  Repeat daily!

Simply creating this moment with you – Joan Kappes

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