The You That Dreams Built

We all have dreams – there is no disputing this. It’s a matter of whether we allow them to come to the surface and whether or not we act upon them.

Following is an example of a realized dream from my “1,000-dreams-I-must-live-before-I-die” list:

My dream is that I will be “out there” with who I am and really let myself “be” the outgoing, fun, insightful person I know I really am. I do not want to be shy anymore. I know I am more.

Soon after declaring this, I find myself in an everyday-type situation where I am typically shy and do not contribute. I have a choice to make: Do I behave in my familiar (and safe) shyness or do I take a “leap” and practice being the person I’ve known was there all along? The choice is mine – right NOW! “Ok, this time I am determined to open my mouth and say something, doesn’t matter what. I am going to be part of this conversation – this day. I open my mouth and out comes one sentence, then another, then another. Three sentences today! I did it! I “Came to the Edge Today” and I did it – I leaped!”

Taking action the first time is always the most difficult because there is no history of that behavior. Once I’ve done it, then I can say “I did it before, I can do it again”.

Yes, it IS “leaping” practice, and like becoming physically fit, it is through consistency and repetition that muscles are built and strengthened. Likewise, building the muscle of allowing your dreams to come true is also just consistency and repetition. In time, this new aspect of you will be effortless.

Once there is an awareness of a dream, at some point you will have the opportunity to bring it to life. Count on it. Dreams are persistent little creatures and want to “come true”, so just give-in to your heart and allow them to come to the surface, then take action when you see the opportunity.

What about you? What is your dream “you”? If you are reading this, it’s time for you to experience that person…now.

Today’s “leaping” practice: Write at least a paragraph about one aspect of the “dream you” you’d like to realize now. Who is it that you would like to “be” (not, who I don’t want to be. For example, the less powerful declaration would be for me to say “I don’t want to be shy anymore” vs “I want to experience me being engaged and verbal, contributing to conversations and projects because I know I have something valuable to offer”. See the difference?) Post this on your car’s dashboard, on the bathroom mirror, etc. so you are reminded of it often. Next, write at least 5 ways you could practice this “new” you. Let your intention each day to “leap” and practice this new behavior. Soon, it will have moved from the “dream” you to the physical you…..In no time you’ll be saying, “I really enjoy this expanded me! Let’s give these other dreams a try!”

Seeing the “dream you” already appear (and you are fabulous!) – Joan Kappes

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