Passionate Ghost Hunters On “The Edge”

Why do 3 guys willingly lock themselves into dilapidated, dangerous and supposedly haunted buildings for 12 hours at a time with the intention of taunting and interacting with ghosts?  What causes Zak, Nick and Aaron of The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” to wander in pitch darkness (with the exception of the small video light) where paranormal spirits and things literally DO go bump in the night?

I thought it would be fun to look at these guys from a “Come to the Edge Today“ point of view! (Besides, I can’t help myself – I enjoy watching the show!)

I discovered they have been friends for many, many years.  Zak has always had a passion for exploration (and clearly is not afraid of anything).  They decided to do something together as friends and liked the idea of hunting for ghosts, so that’s what they decided to do!

Ghost Adventures was created from an idea manifested through passion and action.    Look how this idea has developed!  Last pre-Halloween weekend, from Friday evening through Sunday evening the Travel Channel featured a “Ghost Adventures” marathon!  I bet they never thought in a million years this would turn into something this big.

Following is why they have my vote as “Come-to-the-Edge-Today” kinds of people:

  • They follow their passion.  They do it because THEY want to!
  • They just decided to “go for it” (without making any judgments about its feasibility)
  • They took action.  They just began with no idea of where it would lead
  • They are allowing themselves to LIVE their dream no matter what other people (or other spirits!) may think
  • Clearly, they are energized by their adventures!

Do I want to encounter this “spirit” piano?  Probably not.  But, I DO want to “Come to the Edge Today” with my ideas, passions and actions.  I plan on manifesting my dreams in a big way too!  (Though, to be honest, I’ll probably keep the lights on!)  How about you?

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  DECLARE on a sheet of paper your most outrageous dream (you know, the one you haven’t dared to share with anyone because of what you think they might think).  DECLARE it and take at least one action step today to move towards it!

Happy Adventures (ghost or otherwise!) – Joan Kappes

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