Jack the Pumpkin King – My Halloween Hero

“What’s This?” Tim Burton

This year, I am going as “Jack the Pumpkin King” for Halloween.  Why?  Because I find his energy absolutely contagious! (and I’d like to be that tall for just one day!)  Below is my story and reflection of my “Come to the Edge Today” Halloween hero:

A few years ago, my family and I attended our nephew’s wedding in Portland. The following day we went site seeing. I found myself traveling through the Columbia River Gorge! I was simply enthralled and amazed by what I was experiencing. Not only was it one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, with its waterfalls, mountains, lush greenery and twists and turns of the roadway, it was simply one of the most fun surprises of my life! Here I was traveling down “perfections’ highway” when earlier that morning I had not even know it existed on the planet! My eyes couldn’t take it in fast enough. My ears and nose couldn’t believe all the fabulous smells and sounds. I experienced utter delight that day! I was like Jack in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” – “What’s this”?

I-didn’t-even-know-that-I-didn’t-even-know – and when I became aware of it, I was like a sponge, soaking up everything as fast as I could.

“Come to the Edge Living’ is like that… Once we discover something about life that we didn’t-even-know-that-we-didn’t-even-know, life becomes absolutely magical! The key is awareness……

Awareness of what? I cannot give you specifics because everyone’s life is unique, but I can offer some ideas. Becoming aware of kindness. Noticing beauty in the smallest things. Seeing and experiencing love in small and large ways. Smelling what is around you. Noticing the change of seasons, or the wind on your face. Savoring every bit of food that goes into your mouth. Hearing children play. Experiencing the affection of an animal and stopping to notice. Really listening to the person engaged in conversation with you. Noticing the color on your walls. Really looking at what surrounds you in your home. Becoming aware of how talented you are as you live your day. Taking time to appreciate all of these things.

You may read these words and think “yeah, I’ve heard this before”. Read them again! Hear the power of this invitation! Awareness is everything to “Come to the Edge Today” living. Awareness IS living.

When we are aware, life is no longer a blur. Each moment comes into focus in ways we have never before seen. Automatically, we become more intentional about each moment. Wonder and gratitude are Awareness’s companions. Soon you will have more of these in your life also.

Believe it or not, “becoming aware” is a learned event. It is a habit that needs to be nurtured and developed. Humans are creatures of habit and “being aware” is not usually one of our more finely tuned habits. But, like everything else, habits take less than a month to create (21 days, actually!) So, are you ready to see your current life in ways you’ve never seen before? Are you ready for wonder? Are you ready for amazement?

Today’s “leaping” exercise:

For the next 21 days, commit to developing a new habit: “Becoming Aware”.

  • Choose and commit to 3-5 areas of concentration (example: 1. I will deliberately savor every piece of food I eat. 2. I will go outside 3 times per day and observe nature for 5 minutes. 3. At least once per day, I will listen to my children, friend, spouse with the intention of discovering something new about them. 4. Each time I look in the mirror I will acknowledge or discover one aspect about myself that I like or appreciate). Choose any areas that come to mind. There is no right or wrong choice. It’s all good, anyway!
  • Acknowledge and celebrate when you notice yourself “being aware”!
  • Keep a notebook with you and write down your “awareness experiences”. What was it? How did it feel? What about it is new and exciting? Why write it down? Because you are creating a new habit. The heart/brain connection sometimes needs a little help – writing it down helps that connection to grow.
  • Be on the lookout for “what-you-didn’t–even-know-that-you-didn’t-even-know realities
  • Allow yourself to be amazed!
  • Discover “What’s This?”

We can all be the Pumpkin King! – Joan Kappes

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