You Have the Power – Vote!

You have the power.
You have the power to make a difference.
Do you believe that?

Start small.
Take a small step.
Know that one thing leads to another.

The first step forward….
Is Yours.

Today’s post (election day) is inspired by the Women (and Men) Suffragettes who worked tirelessly for women to have the right to vote. Decade after decade they saw the vision and moved toward it. Some years they moved forward and some years they moved back, yet they moved.  At last, in 1920 the dream came to life and women received the right to vote. Today, we all benefit because of their work. They were “Come to the Edge Today” people. They gave it their all and I am grateful to be their beneficiary.

Today’s Leaping exercise: Take action on something you deeply believe in. Write a letter, call that person who can move your dream forward, etc.; whatever it is, DO IT. Move your dream forward today – it matters not whether you see the end result today. Trust that by this action, you are Coming to the Edge and leaping towards your dream’s fulfillment.

Grateful for those who have shown me how to “leap” – Joan Kappes

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