Bless Us All – A Holiday Prayer

The Muppets

Prayers often come from the most unlikely places when you live your life at “The Edge”. This lovely reflection comes from the Muppets (of all places)!  “Bless Us All” is one of my favorite holiday prayers to share with family and friends.  It is also a wonderful reflection I use during the busy pre-holiday “prep” time!

As we approach this busy time of year, be ready to see and allow the blessings, surprises and delights that are everywhere!

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Use this as your holiday prayer this year.  I’ve divided the lyrics into ‘Group 1’ and ‘Group 2’.  Make copies to share.  Split your gathering into the 2 groups.  Prior to reading, have the youngest member (that can safely use a match) light a candle, then read/pray this as a group.  Then, enjoy each morsel and conversation throughout the day!

Bless Us All – A Holiday Prayer


Life is full of sweet surprises; every day’s a gift. The sun comes up and I can feel it

Lift my spirit.

Group 2

It fills me up with laughter, fills me up with song.

I look into the eyes of Love and know that I belong…..

Group 1

Bless us all who gather here.  The loving family I hold dear.

No place on earth, compares with home,

And every path will bring me back from where I roam.

Group 2

Bless us all, that as we live,

We always comfort and forgive.

We have so much that we can share

With those around us everywhere.

Group 1

Let us always love each other,

Lead us to the Light.

Group 2

Let us hear the voice of reason,

Singing in the night.

Group 1

Let us run from anger…

Group 2

And catch us when we fall.


Teach us in our dreams

And please, yes please,

Bless us one and all.

Group 1

Bless us all, with playful years.

With noisy games and joyful tears.

Group 2

We reach for you,

And we stand tall…

And in our prayers and dreams we ask you bless us all.

Group 1

We reach for you,

And we stand tall,

And in our prayers and dreams we ask You bless us all.


And on this Day, we thank You that You have blessed us all.


Thankful that we have all “Come to the Edge Today” –Joan Kappes

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