The celebration of Thanksgiving is at our house this year.  I am looking forward to it and  I intend to be relaxed and enjoy the entire Thanksgiving day even with hosting a crowd of 18.  As I prepare for the big day,  thoughts of Thanks-giving and its meaning are coming and going through my mind…..

“Happy Thanksgiving”.  We hear these words so frequently; they are soothing and sweet, yet I believe there is something more – something even more delicious and rich than just the quick phrase “Happy Thanksgiving”.  Hmmm…What does “Happy Thanksgiving” look like when you “Come to the Edge”?

Happy:  adjective:  Delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing

    Thanks:  verb: To express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment

          Giving:  verb:  To present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow

 A “Come to the Edge Today” definition of Happy Thanksgiving “Eagerly expressing my gratitude and appreciation with delight and gladness”. 

Through this deeper lens, this is what Thanksgiving can look like:  ALLOW yourself to become aware of everything you have, do and be in this life.  Let it come to the surface and delight in all of it!  ALLOW yourself to be glad, pleased and delighted over everything – beginning with the warmth of your bed on Thursday morning, to the warmth of the water pouring over you in the shower, to the refreshing coffee or beverage waiting for you, to the greeting of the first person you see that day, to the amazing food that awaits you at the Thanksgiving table, and on and on.  Then, ALLOW yourself to express your gratitude and appreciation to God/Source, friends, family, yourself.  ALLOW yourself to FEEL the deliciousness of gratitude and of giving thanks!

 Your Life, when viewed from “the Edge” is truly amazing; there is so much to delight in and so much to appreciate.  Begin allowing yourself to see all of it….this Happy, Thanks-Giving year.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Before the official Thanksgiving festivities begin, spend at least 15 minutes alone making a list of answers to these questions: What am I grateful for?  What do I appreciate? What do I delight in? Who do I delight in?  Who do I want to thank?  With a spirit of gratitude, read the list and see if there are any people mentioned you feel “prodded” to reach out to on Thanksgiving day with the intention of happily, giving thanks to them and for them.  (This can include you, too!)  ALLOW yourself the opportunity to risk and reach out in gratitude to that person, God/Source and/or yourself in acknowledgement of the gifts they are to you.  Do it!  Then, delight in the experience of a REAL Happy-Thanks-Giving!

 Giving thanks for you today –Joan Kappes

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action” ~W.J. Cameron

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