3 Words That Lead To The Life Of Your Dreams

“Life is zooming by and I can’t seem to get a handle on it.”  “What is life about, anyway?”  “What am I doing”?  “How do I live?”

Do you ever ask these, or similar questions?  Does it sometimes feel like you know there is more, but don’t know how to get your arms around this thing called “my life”?

Deep within us, the core of our Being knows the answers, yet we don’t always know how to reach inside and connect.

I’d like to share with you a meditation that is catapulting me to new depths of discovery, connection and “Come to the Edge Today” living.  This meditation is for you too, for your discovery, connection and true living of your life.  By focusing on these 3 simple words:  Life…Is….Now…a communication path will open with you and your Source within who is eager to show you the way for living life as you intended it to be – joyful, peaceful, abundant and filled with well-being.

The benefits of this simple, yet effective exercise:  It reminds you and allows you to shift into living in the “Now” moment (which is where true “Come to the Edge Today” living takes place)!  You can expect new shifts of clarity and an increased awareness in the quality of your life.   After 21 days or so, (the amount of time to create a new habit), you will notice a shift in how you “be” and “live” your day.  Food will taste richer, conversations will have new depth, busy days will somehow seem less frantic, moments will be “lived” and your dreams will begin to take shape.  How can this be?  (Sounds too simple?)   The path to living the life of your dreams is actually very simple:  Living ‘on purpose’, living ‘in the moment’ and living your life connected with Source/God.  It begins with learning to live NOW – in the moment.

Congratulations on “Coming to the Edge Today” and leaping into new realms of L-I-F-E!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  To begin, find a comfortable position, close your eyes and take 5 slow, deep breaths, just concentrating on your breathing.

Now, repeat each word:




Take 2 slow, deep breaths, focusing on the word “Life”; take another 2 slow, deep breaths, focusing on the word “Is”, then, another 2 slow, deep breaths focusing on the word “Now”.  Next, take 2 additional breaths repeating the 3 words together, “Life Is Now”.  Repeat this meditation at least 10 times.  Allow your mind and your heart to “hear” the words…..let them slow you down and resonate with you, however they will.  Listen and be open to hearing the inspiration waiting just for you.  When you feel you are complete, write your discoveries in your journal.  Then, commit to experiencing the complete meditation once each day.  Also, for greatest results, commit to yourself that once each hour (set your cell phone alarm or other reminder), you will stop what you are doing for 30 seconds, slowly breathe and absorb these 3 powerful words, “Life…Is…Now…” by  repeating them 5 times.

This meditation is simple, powerful, doable.  Begin today.  Begin by using the meditation today and you’ll discover for yourself the riches that await you!

“Come to the Edge Today” living is as simple, and powerful as absorbing these words:

Life…… Is…….Now…….

Seeing you at “The Edge” (you look good!): – Joan Kappes

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