A Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday!  As always, it’s a  time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks…  Please celebrate this day with me as I acknowledge and give thanks for the people who have journeyed with me.  It is because of them that I share and create life at “The Edge” with you:

I celebrate my parents who have loved and supported me everyday of my life (even though you didn’t always understand  my need for “leaping” and soaring).  You have shown me Love.

I celebrate my in-laws, siblings, spouses and children who have always been there for me  – you are my precious friends who have shown me wisdom (and so much more).

I celebrate my twin who literally has been there from the beginning (!) – unconditionally.

I celebrate my best friend and husband, Paul who is my fellow “Come to the Edge Today” companion.  Sometimes you encourage me to jump and sometimes you fly with me, but always, always you are the one who knows my heart and says “Yes, you can”.

I celebrate my two precious daughers.  You have shown me how to  “Come to the Edge” in our day-to-day adventures and how to travel inward, discovering the richness of life on the inside.  I could not ask for better teachers.

I celebrate my dog, Stuart.  You teach me how to “Be” in the moment.

I celebrate my friends – old and new.  You give me unspeakable joy.

I celebrate all who have helped me to  “Come to the Edge Today”.  Thank you for helping me take my leap.   I especially acknowledge those people and situations in my life who challenge me and who bring me  life lessons which enable me to really look at myself so I can grow.

I celebrate Me.  I am thankful to be just who I am and celebrate the me who is unfolding.

I celebrate this glorious, abundant Universe – it becomes more amazing to me each year.

I celebrate The Creator.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to You.  Thank You that I am part of the One.  Thank you that all of us are One.

I celebrate You, my new “Come to the Edge Today” adventurers.   Even though most of us have not met – you are part of me,  for I write with you in my heart.

I celebrate this moment – this life-giving moment.

I am grateful…..

Namaste – Joan Kappes

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