Life in the Now-Zone Part 1: The “Now” Experience

Joseph Campbell (coiner of the phrase “Follow Your Bliss”) once wrote, “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”  (I would add to that “The experience of being alive is realized when we discover and live our “Now”.)

Learning to live in our present moment – our “Now” is one of the most important tools to master for living a “Come to the Edge Today” life because “Now” is where our L-I-F-E dwells.  “Now” is where our focus shines its beams.  “Now” is where the power to create the life of our dreams lives. 


This is such a fabulously powerful topic that we’re going to spend several posts diving into what living in the “Now” looks like, feels like and how to experience it from your unique, wonderful perspective.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  To get us started, I want to share with you this wonderful reflection written by my husband, Paul.  It paints a lovely picture of  the “Now” experience as viewed through a candle’s flame.

Find a comfortable place to relax.  Place a lit candle in front of you.  Darken the room, if possible.  Quietly read the reflection (below) 2-3 times.  Spend 10 minutes or so just looking at the flame.  Allow thoughts to come and go.  Try to remain in your “Now” – try to experience the present moment.  Enjoy it.  Relish it.  When you feel you are complete, convey your experience in your journal.  These “Now” experiences are especially helpful to have in journal form because they will one day inspire you (when you need to be inspired by a trusted friend) and they will also show you in your own handwriting how far you have come as you live your life at ‘The Edge’.


Paul Kappes

I find the candle flame’s light a good symbol for living in the NOW because the Candle’s Flame burns only in the NOW.  It has no past.  It has no persistence for future.  The flame burns NOW.  The light I saw a moment ago is not the flame’s light I see this instant; which differs yet again from the light I will see in a moment or two.

So it is with our lives.  Our life sparks NOW.  Yes we have memories, but we cannot re-live them in the past.  While we can relive a memory using our imagination, we do not do it in the past.  We imagine it NOW!  While we can imagine the future, we imagine it NOW!  Our life sparks NOW.

Why do I find this symbol so good, so helpful?  Because it reminds me that in this instant I have a wonderful opportunity, I have a wonderful choice.  In this instant I can choose to use my mind to focus my thought, my imagination, my actions, my life’s spark on that which I want.  And I notice that when I am focused on what I want (versus its lack), I am at peace.  I am in harmony with my Inner Being.  And that harmony feels good for I am at peace with Myself.

Just as the candle burns awash in air which we typically do not sense, so we live engulfed in Well-Being for which we also need to go out of our way to notice.  It  reminds me I am engulfed in Well-Being that sustains us all.  Just as the flame indicates air’s abundance, life’s spark reminds me we are awash in Well-Being.


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