Where Is Joy and How Can I Get Some?

All of us want to experience Joy; our observations show that the demand is high.  As for the supply, some people appear to be overflowing with it and others seem to have a dwindling supply.  Some are Joy-filled even when the world is crumbling all around them and others, who you think would be brimming with it, experience nothing.

It is clear that the accumulation of “stuff” is not a recipe for experiencing Joy.  Life circumstances do not guarantee Joy either, nor does status or financial abundance.

In our heads we know this, don’t we?  Yet, we search and look and acquire, knowing deep down that it is there – somewhere.

Did I say “deep down”?  As it turns out, that’s exactly where Joy is found – Authentic Joy is an “inside job”!

Following are some “givens” about Authentic Joy:

Joy flows from the inside – out.  Life circumstances, financial abundance, status, the accumulation of stuff etc. are not the causes of Joy (they may augment it, but are not the cause of it, nor  the reason for not experiencing it)

What gives you Joy is totally unique; it springs from the depths of You

Joy is a way of “being”

A Joyful person focuses on experiencing Joy and settles for nothing less

A Joy-full person sees with the eyes of abundance and gratitude

A Joy-filled person recognizes who they really are – One who is worthy, valuable and Loved

A Joyful person is open to receiving Joy

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Decide to focus on allowing yourself to experience Joy!  Choose to consistently practice one or more of the suggestions below.

Following are 12 Ways to Experience Joy (some practical ways to get started or expand your experience):

1♥  Decide and commit to “being” Joy-full

2♥  Be aware of what gives you Joy (from the inside-out).  Make a list.  Purposefully put yourself in circumstances that foster your Joy

3  Study and participate in children’s Joy:  Spend time with them  (be sure to check out this link)

4  Hang around Joyful people – observe, ask them how they live-it, let them ‘rub off’ on you

5  Play with animals

6  Turn off the TV and stop reading the newspaper for 30 days.  This will help you refocus on inward Joy (try it – really!)

7♥  Make a gratitude list.  Commit to adding 10 new items each day.  Make a point to genuinely “feel” the gratitude as you write and re-read the list

8♥  Tone down your “mind chatter”.  Often our minds and our thoughts are too active leaving little room for “the heart”.  Gift yourself at least 15 minutes of quiet time (listening to soft music, meditation, silence, etc) per day

9  Go outside for a walk.  Allow yourself to see, hear, feel and touch nature

10  Commit random acts of kindness.  This is a great one for stirring up the Joy within!

11  Practice being “ok” with where you are.  This mantra is very helpful: “In this moment, I am fine.  In this moment…..”

12  Practice self acceptance (the best tip of all!):  Make a list of at least 10 things you like about yourself and commit to adding at least 2 new aspects each day.  Experience the feeling of gratitude for who You are

These exercises, when consistently acted upon, will unleash the unending supply of what we’ve all been desiring – a life of Authentic Joy!

As I see it, living a Joy-filled life is a “Come-to-the-Edge-Today” way of living- We are daring to experience a better life! —— Joan Kappes



“Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you” ~Rumi


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