The Red Bug/Marshmallow Experiment: What You Think About Expands

Today, let’s imagine, from a “Come to the Edge” point of view that, “What you think about expands”.  Are you ready to play?

Let’s begin with this short, fun video clip from “Ghostbusters” starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ivan Reitman.  Click below and enjoy!

Yes, we’re creating the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man AND more!  Ready?

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  For a few minutes, turn off music, tv, anything that distracts you and find a quiet place…..  You’ll need a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Number 1-10 on your blank piece of paper and write on each of the 10 lines:  “What I think about expands”, “What I think about expands”, etc.  (Let your mind and your heart soak in the words you are writing – be “aware” during this exercise)  When complete, allow yourself a few minutes to think about what you “think” of this idea that “What I think about expands”.  Also, pay attention to how you feel.

Great start!  Let’s continue ….  watch this very short video.

When the new version of the Volkswagon Beetle was introduced years ago, I was not aware of it, nor had I consciously seen one in my travels.  When my friend told me about the new model, I began seeing them everywhere!  (I always liked the red ones!)   To this day, I STILL see red ‘Bugs” everywhere!

What you think about expands….

Now, it’s your turn to think of a time when you discovered something for the first time and now see it all the time.  Write it down on your piece of paper.  Need ideas?  Perhaps a television show, a car, a type of food, an idea that popped into your head and now it keeps presenting itself to you?

What you think about expands….

Next, think of a thought you continually think and have evidence in your life to back it up.  Jot your examples and give as much evidence, in detail as you can.  Following are a few examples in my life:   I’ve always had thoughts such as, “I have loving, quality relationships surrounding me at all times in my life.”  This thought has grown and expanded and, no surprise, I experience my life being surrounded by quality, loving friends and family – always!  As I grow older, the thoughts and the evidence to back it up keeps expanding!  I also have a belief that in terms of money, I will always have just “enough” – not more, not less, just enough.  And guess what, I have the evidence to back that up too.  Why?  Because what I think about expands!  (Stay tuned folks, for I am changing my habit of thought about “enoughness” and expanding the newer thought of financial abundance!)

Here’s the beauty of it all – WE HAVE CONTROL OVER OUR THOUGHTS! What we think and the energy and quantity we give to a thought is what shapes and expands our experience of that thought!  Think of it this way, we are potters and the clay we are using is our “life”.  Our thoughts are the shaping tools for the clay! ….Any thought can be expanded with this tool.   Just remember that the more we think about and “energize” a thought (any thought – ‘positive’ or ‘negative’), the more that thought expands into a life experience! (Pretty amazing, don’t you think?)

Ok, now we’re on a roll with our thought-imagining game!  While still imagining “What we think about expands”, write 5 thoughts you’d like to “play with”- 5 thoughts you’d like to expand.  (Note, I did not say change or resist a current thought, I said “play” with 5 new or current thoughts you’d like to grow and expand.  See the difference?  Besides, “playing” is much more fun than resisting!)

We did it!  We just created 5 new/expanded thoughts for our experiment!  Write these thoughts and post them everywhere.  LOOK FOR EVIDENCE in your life – little glimmers at first, then, watch and experience their expansion!  Remember, YOU are the potter!

Have fun using your thought-tools as you “Come to the Edge” expanding your dreams into reality!

Is that you in the red Volkswagon? –Joan Kappes


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