8 Perfect Words for Experiencing a Perfect Day

It is good to have affirmations, prayers and mantras stored in our memory banks!  They serve us well when we need comfort or when we have “Come to the Edge Today” to soar.

Today, I want to share with you my perfect mantra/meditation.  I use it often and find it useful for any circumstance or emotion I may be experiencing.  These 8 words allow me to focus and re-focus upon who I really am and “Whose I am” – worthy and unconditionally Loved.

This mantra/meditation continues to be a gift to me.  Now, I offer it as a gift to you, thankful to my special teacher, Abraham/Hicks for these precious words.

 “I am surrounded by a hurricane of Grace”.

“I am surrounded by a hurricane of Grace”.

“I am surrounded by a hurricane of Grace”.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Find a quiet, comfortable place.  Relax.  Close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply (about 10 times).  Focus only upon your breathing.  Allow yourself to relax. As you continue to slowly breathe, begin repeating this powerful, life giving phrase:  “I am surrounded by a hurricane of Grace”.  Feel the words.   Hear them.  See them.  Touch them.  Allow its truth to ‘touch’ you.  Spend as much time as you can (10-15 minutes is perfect) soaking in their gifts.  When you feel you are complete, slowly “come back” to your room.  Write your experience in your journal.  Repeat daily.

This mantra can also be used 24/7.  Repeat it as you drive your car (keeping your eyes open, of course), before beginning your day, at work, school, home, before dinner, upon retiring – it can be used everywhere, at anytime.

Allowing the truth of these words to become part of you will open new paths, new insights, new awareness for you.  These words will guide you as you ‘soar’ on “The Edge” of your dreams!

You are surrounded – Joan Kappes

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