How To Use Your Mind So You Can Hear Your Heart

It is a gift that our mind stores thoughts for us.  For instance, when we need a phone number, our mind quickly delivers it.  When we desire to recall the birth date of a loved one, our mind “calls it up” and brings it to us.  Likewise, it is practical, powerful (and handy) to store affirmations, prayers and mantras in our mind so that when our heart tells us it’s time  to refocus or re-center, we can easily call upon those we have deliberately placed there – 24/7!  This is a very useful, influential and comforting tool for living life at “The Edge”.  All it takes is an intention and a decision by you to focus your thoughts in a new way.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Write your top 3 affirmations, prayers or mantras in your journal.  Memorize them.  Repeat these 3 times each day for 21 consecutive days.  In a short amount of time, you will be amazed at how useful and how frequently you almost unknowingly, call upon these ‘tools’.  This may seem rather simple – and it is, but know that this simple effort is really about you cooperating at a deeper level with your Heart (Soul/Source/God).  You are allowing the bigger part of You to use these tools to open new paths, new awareness and new worthiness! 

Feel free to post your favorites in the comment section below!  Following are some of my favorites I have stored and use daily:

♥”You are surrounded by a hurricane of Grace”

♥”I am where I am and it’s ok

♥”Come to The Edge”, Life said “Come and swim in my joy

♥”I am worthy”

♥”Life is NOW”

Enjoy your new tools as you continue your journey at “The Edge”! – Joan Kappes

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