Sculpting The Clay Of Your Life – a “How To” Guide

It’s time to “mold the clay” of your life!

If you are here at “Come to the Edge Today!”, then you are ready to use 4 of the most powerful life sculpting tools available! These are important tools because if you are not the sculptor of your clay, then your life will be shaped by others, and we all know that is no fun.

The 4 most powerful life-sculpting tools:

  1. You get what you think about
  2. You get what you believe
  3. ‘Be aware’ of what you think and believe
  4. Intentionally shape your thoughts and beliefs to form the life of your dreams

This is profound, so I’ll repeat it again:  You get what you think about, you get what you believe AND you have total freedom to choose all your thoughts and beliefs.  It’s quite a gift!

These sculpting tools are simple to use and available to everyone, however some sculptors do not use any of these tools; their creation is experienced as haphazard and random. Other sculptors, due to their total commitment, become highly skilled masters creating intentional, beautiful pieces of art.

Let’s take a brief look at each tool.

The Awareness tool makes the tools of thought and belief useable.  Without utilizing this tool, the others are beyond the sculptor’s reach and cannot be accessed.  This tool may be applied to anything, but in this case, awareness of thoughts and beliefs are the focal points.  The use and development of the awareness tool is crucial for the successful creation of your masterpiece – the life of your dreams.

Thoughts and beliefs are your sculpting tools; they shape and form the clay, which is your life.

Intentionally shaping your thoughts and beliefs is the 4th tool.  Intention is the driver that allows the art to progress according to the sculptor’s desires.  

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  It’s time to develop the habit of being aware of your thoughts and beliefs.

  1. Using your “intention” tool, find a small, portable notebook; carry it with you everywhere and commit to recording awareness of thought as they occur (this is very important).  Do this for 21 days.
  2. Write the following in the front of the notebook:  “Because I am the sculptor of my life, I intend to train myself to become aware of my thoughts and beliefs.  With each observation, I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and beliefs.  With this new awareness, I am free to choose which are serving me and which are not.  With this new awareness, I am thankfully creating my masterpiece – the life of my dreams.”  Read daily.
  3. Awareness training:  Intend and commit to writing a minimum of 10 thoughts and beliefs per day.  The thoughts can be about anything.  For example:  You just had a confrontation with your boss and wrote this thought:  “Feeling terrible about this meeting with my boss.  She is such an incompetent manager.  She should be fired.”  (Note: Simply write what you thought – no judgments)
  4. Next, ask yourself, “What is my belief about those thoughts or situation?”  This exercise, in time, will help you become aware of beliefs underlying your thoughts.  (a very important skill!)  Begin this section with “I believe that….”  Using the above example:  “I believe that I am right and I alone should be calling the shots on this project…  I have to be right because I believe that I need this bonus or there won’t be enough money to pay my upcoming bills.”
  5. If the underlying belief isn’t immediately apparent, that is ok.  Leave space in your notebook; ponder it and it will become clear.
  6. Every few days, read your notes.  Become aware of beliefs, patterns, or whatever is showing up for you.  Become aware!

As you continue using these tools, you will naturally become more aware of your thoughts and beliefs (the point of this exercise).   This is a learned skill – a new habit.  Become a master!

“With awareness comes choice- with choice comes freedom” – JK


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