A Prayer For Japan


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”-1 Corinthians 13:13

 A prayer for Japan

This is a prayer that uses no words, yet it is the most powerful prayer we can offer.  This prayer flows from our heart – the home of our soul.

Let us begin.

This is a heart-centered prayer and unlike word-centered prayer which calls upon the mind, this prayer uses our heart and soul as its voice.  To begin, it is important to be surrounded in an environment where we can quiet our mind rather than engage it, so find a quiet place, uninterrupted, peaceful and comfortable.  Play quiet, instrumental music.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply (about two minutes or more).  Allow yourself to resonate with your breathing and the music.  In/out.  In/out.

Next, visualize your heart area to be filled with light.  Visualize it.  See its color. Feel it.  Keep breathing slowly in/out, in/out.

Now, feel this light as Love.  Feel its lightness.  Feel its energy.  Feel it as a warm blanket surrounding you.  Allow it to build.  Feel it warm you and flow through you.  No rush. 

When you are ready, gently send this Love to the people in Japan. Visualize sending this warm blanket of Love to them.  Feel it leaving your heart area.  Offer it for their best and highest use.  See and feel this Love wrapping around them.  See it flowing gently and powerfully to them.

 When you feel you are complete, allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings and slowly open your eyes. 

 Offer thanksgiving for receiving and sending this powerful gift of Love. Complete your prayer with the following:

We are One“Today, I am sending you the Love of the Universe; it is the greatest gift I can give to you.  We are One.  Amen”

 “Every person who loves, even a little in purity and unselfishness, contributes that much toward the elevation of the whole of the human race.” – Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad



This prayer is offered with great Love – Joan Kappes 

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