20 Reasons Why “Awareness” Will Change Your Life

When you decide to live a “Come to the Edge Today” life, you accept the alluring invitation to live on purpose.  And how does one live on purpose?  By being aware!

Re-learning the skill of awareness will change your life.  It is a skill; it is a habit.  It can be re-membered and used with abandon once again, just like when you were young!

Let’s play a little awareness game:

As you took your shower today, did you experience the flow of water on your skin?  Do you remember what you ate for breakfast today?  If so, did you experience the sensation of the food in your mouth?  Do you remember its taste?  On your way out the door today, did you notice the sky?  Clouds or blue sky? A rainbow, perhaps?  Did you feel the air on your skin?  What smells did you experience?   Did you converse with anyone today?  Did you look into their eyes?  Do you remember what they were wearing?  Did you hear the birds or the traffic or music?  Did you take measure of your feelings during the day?  Do you remember feeling joy or blah, or thankfulness or frustration? 

Why develop this habit of being aware?  After all, isn’t it just easier to muddle through? Oh no -not if you want to live your life on purpose at “The Edge” (where all the fun is!)

Look at what the habit of awareness will bring you:

  1. Awakening and enhancement of the senses
  2. Transformation from a life of mere existence into a life of  l-i-v-i-n-g, “getting-by” into flourishing
  3. Immediate experience of your “Now-Zone” (which is what we all want!)
  4. Feeling alive and full and mindful and heart-full
  5. Experiencing your life in Real-time
  6. The opportunity to change the lens through which we view life from “beware” to “aware”
  7. The freedom to choose
  8. Alertness
  9. Wakefulness
  10. Responsiveness
  11. Attentiveness
  12. Knowledge
  13. Understanding
  14. Appreciation
  15. Discernment
  16. Concentration
  17. Clarity
  18. Richness
  19. Enjoyment
  20. Fun

Awareness is the sweetest habit you can develop and you can begin NOW!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Begin each day by spending 5 minutes sitting with the intention of being aware of everything around you.  I suggest experiencing this exercise in a public spot where there is a lot of stimulus.  Keep your eyes and ears open, ready to receive.  Use your sense of taste, touch, smell and feelings too.  Focus on your senses rather than on your mind chatter.  If you find your mind trying to get involved, refocus on one of your senses.  The reason for this exercise is to develop the awareness habit; engaging your senses is how to begin and how to grow this skill.  If  possible, repeat once at midday and once in the evening.  Experiment with different locations.  Have fun!  As you develop this habit, you will experience your life in new and deeper ways.  It will just keep getting better and richer!

“With awareness comes choice- with choice comes freedom” – JK

Awareness is the key – Joan Kappes

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