If You Dream It, They Will Come

Give yourself a 14 minute inspirational ‘vacation’; watch and experience “Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong”.  My daughter sent me this video and it moved me beyond words…

“In my entire life I had seen in black and white and suddenly, everything was in shocking Technicolor.”  Eric Whitacre

 Don’t settle for less, dear travelers!  You have “Come to the Edge TODAY” so go for YOUR dream!  As this beautiful story illustrates, the fulfillment of any dream is possible and can happen if you:

  • Allow yourself to acknowledge your dream
  • Declare yourself worthy to have it
  • Act upon inspiration as it comes to you

Play with your dreams and inspirations!  Watch and participate in the amazing unfolding of your creation!  If Eric Whitacre,  a college student who joined the choir because of the good looking Sopranos and a paid Mexico trip can create his dream, YOU can create yours too!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Find a comfortable place where you can be uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes.  Quietly listen to the second recording (timeline: 12:15 on the video).  Close your eyes and image your dream flowing in and out of the 2,000 voices (who are at that moment, also participating in their dream).  Allow yourself to be enveloped by the voices and your dream.  Listen several times or as many as you are inspired.  Next, write your dream and any inspiration for action in your journal.  Repeat this daily and allow your dream to come to life on the journal’s page.  Declare it, act upon it, joyfully anticipate and expect the unfolding! 

If you dream it, your song can be sung too – Joan Kappes

Thanks to Eric Whitacre, TED and  TinyPic

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