A ‘Good Friday’ Love Song


A day of reflection. A day to focus. A day to ponder. A day to declare our beliefs. A day to give thanks.

Today is a good day for experiencing this Universal Truth: We are Loved. We are Loved. We are Loved!

It is a perfect day to bask in the unconditional Love pouring Itself upon us 24/7. Our perception and experience of this Love is unique resulting in an amazing storyboard we call the human experience. Such a gift.

Are we open to seeing this Love which constantly flows, so we can allow it to touch us?

This beautiful love song, “When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Grobin, is one of my favorite “spiritual” songs – a Love song between God/Source and me. This is my Good Friday gift to you. Revel in the Love that awaits you through its harmony and words. May it deepen your experience of the unconditional Love that is so freely given – to You.


Blessings for a GOOD Friday – Joan Kappes

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