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I Am An Oak Tree

May 26, 2011

I am an Oak Tree A Poem by Joan Kappes I am an Oak Tree Content with being who I am with no desire of being another I am an Oak Tree My growth is slow, steady and sure     I am an Oak Tree My Roots are deep and wide I am an […]

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5 Part Forgiveness Series

May 25, 2011

Stay tuned! Part 2 of the Forgiveness series will be released in a few weeks! If you haven’t experienced Part 1, get started now! Part 1: 25 Reasons To Forgive (Yourself & Others) Part 2: The Masters of Forgiveness: How Did They Do It? Part 3: Forgiving Yourself Part 4: Forgiving God and Others Part […]

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25 Reasons To Forgive (Yourself & Others)

May 20, 2011

The topic of forgiveness came to light last week when my niece was chased by two girls around the playground (teasing, name calling, etc.)  Although the situation was ‘handled’ by the principal, it opened a life-giving door of opportunity for this 11 year old.  She is now experiencing a fork-in-the-road moment:  Does she choose the […]

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Well, I Declare…

May 6, 2011

Declare: (verb) Announce something clearly or loudly- to state something in a plain, open, or emphatic way Decide: (verb) To make a choice or come to a conclusion about something ______________________________________________________________________________________ Today, let’s discover the power of declaration and the power of decision.  Why?  Because they will quickly lead you to “The Edge” of your […]

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