25 Reasons To Forgive (Yourself & Others)

The topic of forgiveness came to light last week when my niece was chased by two girls around the playground (teasing, name calling, etc.)  Although the situation was ‘handled’ by the principal, it opened a life-giving door of opportunity for this 11 year old.  She is now experiencing a fork-in-the-road moment:  Does she choose the path of viewing this experience through the lens of justification, protection and fear or does she choose the path using the lens of love and forgiveness?  The choice is hers.

Daily, Life provides all of us with creative opportunities for choice.  Where we focus our lens will determine if we are weighed down by these circumstances, people and events or, if through forgiveness we are freed to fly.

Let’s ponder forgiveness through the “Come to the Edge Today” lens (always a life-giving vista!)

Forgiveness – A definition (as seen from “The Edge”):

  • It is living from the heart’s knowing and understanding
  • It is a focus from the heart’s point of view
  • It is allowing the heart to lead and the mind/ego to follow (not vice versa)
  • It is a state of being
  • It is an attitude
  • It is a choice
  • It is a habit
  • It is an opening to a life flooded with Love, Freedom and Joy

The Top 25 Reasons to Forgive (Yourself & Others):

  1. It gets you out of the mud.  You immediately become unstuck
  2. You feel better, lighter, unburdened
  3. Your shoulders, neck, head become relaxed
  4. You drop that 100 lb weight you’ve been carrying around (and that feels good!)
  5. You see the world through a new lens
  6. You open a new pathway to your heart (where L-I-F-E dwells)
  7. You do not have to carry the burden of that other’s person’s life around with you anymore
  8. You are in control of your life
  9. Letting-go of the hurt or perceived injustice frees you to be the loving person you really are
  10. Forgiveness allows you to let go and relax
  11. There is the opportunity for creating a new story
  12. It creates a new road so you can immediately move forward
  13. The grip and hold it had on you is gone – you are free!
  14. It creates the opportunity for healthier relationships
  15. It lowers blood pressure
  16. Who needs holding onto a hurt or grudge (there is no benefit!)
  17. It is the pathway to well-being
  18. It brings peace for the mind, the heart, the body, the soul
  19. Forgiveness allows you to experience hope, joy, peace and gratitude
  20. It moves you forward
  21. Forgiveness allows the heart to take the lead and gently places the ego/mind in the background
  22. It frees you from having the same old “movie” running through your head dictating your life
  23. You are free to create your own version of your life
  24. It gives you the opening for a bigger life
  25. It is a gift from You to You!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Allow yourself about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Quietly play soothing, peaceful music as you make yourself comfortable in a chair or bed.  Close your eyes and breath deeply several times.  Relax.

Imagine yourself climbing a mountain.  You are loaded with a 100 lb backpack, carrying awkward gear, wearing heavy boots and clothing.  You have been climbing forever.  Each step becomes heavier and more difficult.  You cannot continue.  You cannot take one more step.  Feel the weight.  Feel the stress.  Feel the burden.  Now, say to yourself:  “Enough!  This is it!.  I do not need this anymore!”  Watch yourself eagerly remove your backpack and your gear.  Remove those heavy boots and jacket.  Now, experience the feeling of being unburdened, light, relaxed and free!  You are so excited you jump up and down with glee!  Feel the freedom.  Feel the lightness.  Fell the relief!  Remember it. When complete, write your experience of this exercise in your journal (at a later date, you’ll be glad you did).

This is the feeling of forgiveness! In time, you will not need to imagine your trip up the mountain and the release of the heavy physical burden.  In time, this will BE your life’s daily experience because you will “be” a forgiver!

Looking forward to this 6 part “Come to the edge Today” experience with you –Joan Kappes

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