3 Easy Steps to Calm Yourself…

So here you are; you’ve “Come to The Edge” living your life with gratitude, joy and purpose, leaping and soaring with dreams as your wings.  Life is full and rich and fabulous – then BAM!  Something unexpected happens and you feel as though you just hit a brick wall.  You experience fear and panic (you know, those feelings that tell us we are on a path other than the one LIFE has led us to?)  You are at a loss as to how to calm down and refocus.

Here are 3 simple and VERY effective “Come to the Edge Today” tools for helping you to immediately regroup and refocus:

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply 3-5 times
  3. Repeat to yourself, “In this moment, I am ok.  In this moment, I am fine.  In this moment, all is well”.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you feel yourself relaxing into this new reality.

Why do these work so well?

  1. Because they are simple and easy to use
  2. They allow your body to relax (breathing calms the mind and the body immediately)  and your mind to refocus (remember, the mind can hold only one thought at a time)
  3. Consistently using these affirmations, you will prove to your mind that they are “true”, believable and trustworthy, thus allowing your mind and your body to relax in this “knowing”.

You may be saying, “I just experienced this terrible (fill in the blank) – how can everything be fine?”  Let’s look at this from a “Now- moment” point of view.  “Now” means THIS moment ONLY.  Not the next moment, nor the moment after that, nor does it mean projecting thoughts into the future or the past.

Let’s discover the power of this new view of reality – Today’s “leaping” exercise:  For several minutes, ponder and “poke around” this idea: “In this very moment (the ‘Now’ moment), everything IS ok.  In this ‘Now’ moment, everything IS fine.  In this ‘Now’ moment, all IS well.”  Verbalize it out loud or in your mind.  Feel its truth.  Repeat.

Practice this daily so that when you do feel anxious or panicky you can easily call upon this effective tool and experience its immediate ‘relief results’.  Ask yourself daily,  “In THIS moment, am I ok?  In THIS moment, am I fine?  In THIS moment, is everything well?”  (Remember, we’re talking present-moment time.)

Very soon, you will come to experience and “know” that you are ok,  you are loved, you are safe.   Well-Being is yours – moment by moment.

Be here ‘Now’ – be someplace else later – Joan Kappes

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