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Thanks For Being In My Circle

August 31, 2011

This month is my one year anniversary of “Come to the Edge Today“! THANK YOU  for  sharing this amazing journey with me!   In honor of all of you fellow “leapers”, I’d like to share with you a favorite poem (author unknown): THE PEOPLE IN MY CIRCLE  When I was little, I used to believe […]

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Love – The Reality Under Our Nose

August 17, 2011

“Get real.”  “It’s time for you to face reality.”  “Stare reality in the face.” OK.  ……….but, which reality? There is no need to spend our time together reviewing the typical realities we experience each day… know –  the routine tasks of life, the problems, the financial, health, relationship realities (most of which are viewed as […]

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“Life and Change” Quotes (Pt 2) Inspiration For Our Journey

August 10, 2011

Welcome to Part 2:  “Life and Change” Quotes – Inspiration For Our Journey! I received such positive feedback from Part 1 of ‘Life and Change’ Quotes – Inspiration for our Journey, I thought I’d share even more of these inspirational gems – what I call “food for the heart”.  Following are 49 additional quotes about Change and […]

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