Love – The Reality Under Our Nose

“Get real.”  “It’s time for you to face reality.”  “Stare reality in the face.”

OK.  ……….but, which reality?

There is no need to spend our time together reviewing the typical realities we experience each day… know –  the routine tasks of life, the problems, the financial, health, relationship realities (most of which are viewed as negative).  We are all very familiar with this view.

What if, right under our nose, there is a reality just as real (and more stable) than the typical one we experience each day –  a reality that leads us to the quality of life we are searching for:  A “Come to the Edge Today” reality.

Let’s look at the reality that Jesus, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and other “greats” focused upon.  What was it they knew?   What caused them to live the kind of lives they did?  Clearly, they saw and claimed something different, something more.

Whereas, the typical human mind’s focal point is the mole hill (problems, the certainty of knowing how something will unfold, judgments about another, etc.), these “greats” saw the mountain.

What, then is this mountain standing in plain view for all to see?  It is the ever present, power and energy of Love.  It is what binds everything together and makes it Whole.  It is the “stuff” we are made of.  It is the energy that creates worlds – unending, ever present, ever flowing Love.   Always available and desiring to be used, we often don’t see it.  We are trained to use another lens.  These “greats” focused on Love; they knew the mole hills of life (we call them mountains) were temporary at best, and ultimately led to the experience of the true reality – Love.

At this point, I invite you take some time to absorb these life-changing words!  The word ‘Love’ has been so watered down and tainted that millions of us have missed its power and pervasiveness.  So, I repeat:  What is this mountain standing in plain view for all to see and use?    It is what binds everything together and makes it Whole.  It is the “stuff” we are made of.  It is the energy that creates worlds – unending, ever present, ever flowing.  Love’s power and presence in our lives is THE reality of realities!  The rest is just a mole hill.

Mother Theresa knew this underlying reality – this pervasive, all-encompassing Love.  She prayed it, studied it and committed to using it, allowing It to flow from her and to her.  She professed it and lived it.  Perhaps this is why so many of us respect and admire her.  Her life story was much more than tending to the poor (millions of people tend to the poor too).  The difference:  She Knew and Lived this Love and professed it with all her Being.  It is this that we admire.

Can I show you a pathway to experiencing this reality of Love?  No, because each of our paths is unique.  I can say, however that this amazing reality of Love is in you and through you right now – this moment.  All you need do is let go of the “what is” lens and allow yourself to begin using the lens of Love.  It may seem impractical, irresponsible and odd at first, but once you form the habit of  viewing your life through the lens of  Love, you will experience an aliveness never before experienced.  You will feel the energy of the universe creating life with you and through you! You will experience, among other things, that which we are all striving to remember, the worthiness of who we already are.

Love is the stream which carries us.  Love is the blanket surrounding us.  Love is the connection joining us.   It is more than just a comforting phrase or gesture.  Love IS life.  It is who we are.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Begin the habit of seeing through the lens of Love by first noticing what you are seeing using your current lens.  Notice your thoughts. Example:  “I noticed just now that after looking at my bank account, I became angry and fearful of the small balance”.  Or, “I feel angry after noticing that I am the only one in my family suffering from poor health.  I got stuck with a ‘lemon’.”  As you notice this, begin creating a new habit using your Love lens.  Notice (not judge), then gently replace with 1.  Something to be thankful for in this moment (it can be anything large or small.  Choose something that you genuinely feel gratitude for  2.  Allow yourself to breathe and be filled with Love.  Send Love, through you, to that thought.  3.  Repeat this prayer:  “I am now, at this moment, consenting to seeing through the lens of Love.  I am allowing the power of Love to flow through me and to me.  I am grateful for seeing it more and more each day.”

This is a habit.  Be patient.  Be persistent.  Be committed.  Be expectant!

“Love is the most powerful energy in the universe – it’s ok to experience it and use it” –Joan Kappes

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