Imagine Connecting With Love’s Flow!


Imagine connecting…………..

Imagine connecting with Love’s 24/7 flow…………

Let’s “Come to the Edge Today” and find out how!

In “What is Prayer, Really?” I shared that for me, prayer is the receiving of unconditional Love given continuously by God/All-That-Is/Source.  Prayer is creating the space to receive and flow this amazing, sought after Love.

Sounds good!  Yet how do I put myself in a place so I can be aware of it and receive it?  (From a Come to the Edge Today viewpoint, a life-changing place to be!)

This requires a leap in:  1) Believing that I am worthy to receive 2) Intentionally developing new habits of thought and awareness so I am able to recognize and experience the Love that continually flows to me.

Habits are just thoughts you keep thinking.”

How to begin?

New habits need new tools:

Today’s “leaping” exercises:

  1. Let’s begin with the possibility that the above is true.  Take the leap and imagine you are worthy of a 24/7 stream of Love.  Imagine that you are aware of Love flowing through your life; see it, feel it, experience it.  Now Imagine that you can flow it outwards and expand it to others.  This is a good place to begin!

Like any developed, ingrained habit, this will take time. Imagine what it feels like to be worthy.  Imagine what it feels like to be worthy of receiving Love everyday!  Every hour!  Every minute!

  1. Write post-it notes and place “I am worthy”, “I am worthy of Love”, “I am worthy of experiencing Love” everywhere – on the bathroom mirror, in the car, on the fridge, under your pillow, etc.  Remember – you are developing a wonder-filled new habit of thought – a habit that will allow you to receive the greatest gift of a lifetime, the ability to receive unconditional Love (in all its forms)!
  1. Following is my favorite ‘door-opening-Love-allowing’ tool (“When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban).  This really helps me develop my “worthiness habit” and to experience the ever-present flow of Love offered so richly from the Lover of All.

Allow 15 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Create a quiet, comfortable place.  Begin quieting your mind and its busy thoughts by breathing slowing, in and out for 10-15 breathes.  Gently allow thoughts to be set aside for a few minutes.  Close your eyes and listen intentionally to the song.  Hear the instruments.  Hear the words.  Feel the energy.  Connect with the Love flowing in, out and through you.

When finished, remain quiet.  Allow yourself to feel the flow of Love coming to you and through you.

Now, listen again.  Intend for even more allowing.  This time, imagine this is a two-way Love song.  God/Source singing and flowing Love to You and You singing and flowing Love to Source.  When, complete, allow yourself to continue flowing the Love.

Record the experience in your journal.   Keep it heart-centered (rather than mind centered).

Coming to believe and know that you are worthy of unconditional Love flowing through you, and then experiencing it with full awareness is the gift (and habit and the prayer) of a lifetime!* –Joan Kappes

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*I dedicate this to Sue, Karen and all of us who are coming to experience the Love that continually flows to us and through us.  Hooray for coming to know we are worthy!!!”

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