Believe and Fly!

“Believe in what your heart is saying

Hear the melody that’s playing.

There’s no time to waste

There’s so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

Give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just Believe”

The one thing I know about humans is that we are magnificent dreamers!  We ALL dream – every day – every hour; we can’t help ourselves – it is who we are.  Dreams originate in our heart and are communicated through the guidance of our feelings and the gentle nudging which comes from within.

Somewhere along the way, we internalized this silly notion that dreaming must be relegated to a minor corner of our life reserved for “someday”, vacations and perhaps Christmas (if children are present).  The messages from the heart urging us to follow our dreams have been so quieted by our logical mind, adulthood, “the way things are” and on and on that we no longer hear much of anything.

But wait… there is this faint melody playing – like bells in the distance.  At first we do not recognize it.  In time, we do hear a faint noise which grows louder and louder.  It now rings crisply and beautifully from our heart and  – yes, our head now acknowledges it too! Finally, it is strong and persistent, not willing to leave us again.  At last we acknowledge it – “OK, dream of my heart, I hear you!”  Excitement grows within us – can it be that MY dreams will come true?

Yes!  However, an acknowledged dream must be allowed to fly or it will wither.  We must give it permission to fly!  We must let go of our logic, our fears, our doubts and let go – we must give flight to our dreams and SOAR WITH IT!  We have “Come to the Edge” and now it is time to fly!

Once you let go, you soar and the creative forces of the Universe will be the wind beneath your wings.  They will carry you to places far beyond your dreaming – if you just believe AND if you let go and give your dreams the wings to fly!

(After all, you DO have everything you need; it’s been with you all the time).

Today’s “leaping” exercise:

bird notesSpend time alone writing all the dreams you remember and/or those you have now.  Acknowledge them.  Be grateful for them.  Listen to their melody and allow its volume to grow.  With these in mind, relax, either sitting or lying down with your eyes closed as you listen to the song “Come to the Edge Today” (click the link to hear the song).  Visualize yourself as the traveler (holding your dreams in your hand).  In the hours and days to come, be aware of the opportunities to fly.  (Believe me, the opportunities will present themselves!)  Eagerly anticipate your flight!  Allow it!

Enjoying the beautiful melodies we all are playing – Joan Kappes

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