The Night Before Christmas


The MAGIC of  this Christmas Eve  is more than memories, more than celebrating the Christmas story,  more than gifts and preparations – oh, SO much more!

THIS Christmas is for celebrating  who we are,  just as we  are (!) –  reaching out – giving and receiving Love to those who are in our life TODAY.  We don’t have to be an angel, a wise one or even a child to feel the mystery and magic of the Love enveloping us today.

Enjoy this beautiful song,  by Amy Grant The Night Before Christmas (click link to listen)

If sorrow has “kept you company and the dance has passed you by”, rather than being a spectator,  reach out to someone today  who can help “lift you up and blaze with you across a moonlit sky”.  If you are already dancing and celebrating, lift another who would like to fly but at this time, cannot.  The point is,  today is the day to allow Love – no matter its form.  Be surprised by who and how it will touch you.  Know that Love is here for you…..Now.

“The heart of this Christmas is in you and me” – Joan Kappes

YouTube – The Night Before Christmas, Amy Grant

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