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As you know,  life at “Come to the Edge Today” is a journey, a quest where we claim and create the life of our dreams.  It’s exciting to take those perceived “big leaps”, yet just as exhilarating to take small ones.  Trying something new each day whether in action or thought is what spices up our life and gives our dreams the opportunity to grow.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you one of my little leaps:

I grew up in a delightful Scandinavian home complete with German and Norwegian dishes (including the famed lutefisk and lefse).  Spices used in cooking ranged from salt to paprika.  Chili powder?  Garlic?  Unheard of!  This year, I decided to venture forth and try new foods and new food combinations.  Yes, new adventures into the world of chard, kale, leeks, cilantro, collard, chili powder and even garlic!

Today I made turkey chili and am proud to announce that I diced my first bunch of cilantro!  What a taste sensation!  Such a leap for spicing up my life!

Will this venture to the grocery store or the experience of cilantro make front page news?  Perhaps not; what matters is this experience brought me joy.  It expanded me and my life.  And, as I’ve always said to my kids, “Just try it, because one thing always leads to another!”

Where will cilantro take me?  I have no idea.  But, what I do know is I took the leap, I grew, and I experienced “life” in a new way.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  What is your small “leap” you can take today to spice up your life?  What can you do that is new to give you joy?  Be open to it and remember:  “One thing leads to another”!  Have fun with this!  Decide that you will try one new experience each day.  Your dreams are inviting you to “spice it up”!

See you in the spice aisle! – Joan Kappes

Photo courtesy of Tinypic

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