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You, Life and Rocks – A Perfect Balance

March 20, 2012

Watch this short, inspiring video about a guy named Kent who creates sculptures by balancing rocks.  After viewing, I have something fun planned for you…   Ok, here’s the fun part:  What if you are the sculptor and your life, complete with a body, thoughts, desires, dreams, choices and circumstances are the rocks? What if […]

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Love’s Bottom Line

March 13, 2012

The bottom line? No matter how you feel No matter what you think No matter what you’ve done or not done The truth is…. Unconditionally,   You are Loved You are Loved by the Creator of the Universe You are made from Love You are Love   Listen to your heart and you’ll discover that […]

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Faith & Imagination: It’s a ‘Verb’al Thing

March 2, 2012

Faith: (Merriam-Webster dictionary definition): Noun:  Firm belief in something for which there is no proof:  complete trust Faith:  (Come to the Edge Today definition):  Verb: Firm belief in something with such trust that I allow myself to see it, experience it and become it from the end, prior to its evidence or manifestation Living life as […]

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