Love’s Bottom Line

The bottom line?

No matter how you feel

No matter what you think

No matter what you’ve done or not done

The truth is….



You are Loved

You are Loved by the Creator of the Universe

You are made from Love

You are Love


Listen to your heart and you’ll discover that it already knows.  Intentionally coming to accept and believe this truth will change your life.  Today’s “leaping” exercise is designed to get you started or deepen your knowing.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  A prayer to be repeated hourly.  Repetition is very powerful.  Repetition creates belief.  Repeat this prayer set as many times each hour as possible (a minimum of 5).  It’s ok if you do not “believe” it at the moment.  You are daring to “Come to the Edge Today” and allow this truth to seep into your thoughts and fears and current belief of unworthiness.  You are allowing yourself to re-member Who you are and Whose you are.

The prayer:  “I AM Loved.”

It is a prayer set repeated slowly 3 times.  First, place emphasis on “I” (I am loved)   Next, emphasize the “I AM” (I AM loved)  Third, emphasize the word “Loved” (I am Loved)

This truth will set you free.

You are made from Love- experience it!–Joan Kappes

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