You, Life and Rocks – A Perfect Balance

Watch this short, inspiring video about a guy named Kent who creates sculptures by balancing rocks.  After viewing, I have something fun planned for you…


Ok, here’s the fun part:  What if you are the sculptor and your life, complete with a body, thoughts, desires, dreams, choices and circumstances are the rocks?

What if you truly are the sculptor and your natural state of being is one of balance – balance with everything – God/Source, your soul, your dreams, desires, talents, thoughts, Life!

My sister so wisely added: “The great thing is that we can build with the rocks of our choosing and disgard the rest. Rocks of judgement, criticism and condemnation don’t have to be part of our sculpture.  Instead, we can choose rocks of creation, good energy, appreciation and possibility! We get to choose the rocks and create the sculpture.”

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Let’s watch the video again.  This time, imagine yourself as Kent, the sculptor.  Listen to his words.  Listen to his wisdom and process.  Feel his intention, energy and joy.  Pretend that he is you creating your life!

How was it? 🙂  Now, view it again, only this time be the sculptor of a specific dream you have.  Watch and feel yourself create that dream through Kent’s actions!  Really let yourself imagine, feel and create!

We have imagined today, thanks to Kent and his inspiring sculptures.  But, the thing is, you really are the sculptor of your life.  You have all the tools you need.  You have everything to allow and create the life of your dreams.  The question is…will you go for it?  Will you allow the master sculptor to come out and play?  (If you are reading this, I think you already are on your way!)

Kent’s Words of Sculpting Wisdom

I started just doing small ones

It slowly evolved

It’s very soothing because you are in a slowed down state of mind


Ignore the background chatter – you focus that out

Your balance is unique – others may watch and comment, but your balance is your own

Find the balance point

Find your center

You look at it and say, “I think this will work”.  When you actually try it and “Feel it” – then you’ll know

Look at it, play with it – you won’t know until you try it and actually “feel” it

Slowly, more slowly adjusting, feel for it, then start to let go

Then, give it the lightest tap

If it stays, it will probably stay.  If it tips, it may fall soon and needs to be adjusted more

If you’re not paying attention, the rocks can slip

Please enjoy their temporary sculptural quality

I’m beginning to remember now….

I want to try things…..


I love what you’re creating at the beachJoan Kappes


Photo courtesy of Google  Video courtesy of YouTube

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