You Are HERE

I recently experienced an amazing 10 day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.  I could write a book about all the joy, wonder and life I experienced!  It was truly, a gift of a lifetime.

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the precious gifts I received as I was preparing to disembark the ship:

For 10 days, there it was, staring at me each time I pressed the elevator button.  Only upon my departure did I recognize it:  A map of the ship that read, “You are Here”.  I saw it, gasped and laughed.

You are Here”.

Of course!

This was my bon voyage gift reminding me that no matter where I am, on a magnificent ship, in my home or camping in a tent, “You are Here”.  I can be experiencing the delights of a cruise ship, exploring the magical Caribbean islands, meeting delightful people from around the world –  and the reality is, “You are Here”.  Just as real, I can also be experiencing the delights of my home and community, exploring the seemingly everydayness of my ‘to do’ lists, and meeting delightful people at the grocery store or on the telephone – this too, is the gift:  “You are Here”.

You are Here.

You are “Here“, now…. and there is magic and gifts, Life and awareness to be recognized and claimed, ”Here”, wherever you are.  It is my choice to see it, accept it into my life and experience it!

And, it doesn’t cost a cent……………

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Allow yourself the gift of being “Here” for 10 days!  Carry a small  notebook with you and commit to recognizing, claiming and experiencing 20 small gifts each day.    (Example:  1. Found a penny! 2. Pleasant conversation with person in front of me at the grocery store 3. Stopped to experience a one-of-a-kind sunset tonight  4. Slowed down at lunch and ‘tasted’ all of the wonderful food before me).

Recognize.  Claim.  Experience!

You have found the gift of Life and it is “Here”, right now.

Grateful for being “Here” –Joan Kappes

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