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The Playground of Your Life

May 25, 2012

Abundance, relationships or health. Which area is your area for the most growth? Discover how to really

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Swinging On A Star – A Mom’s Story

May 11, 2012

mommy [mom-ee] -noun: 1. every woman who has nurtured and cared for a person or object  2. every woman who has given birth to an idea, thought or dream This perfect description inspired me to reflect on my own birthing/mothering experience. I have the joy of sharing life with two amazing daughters, recent graduates from high […]

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Now – The Experience of a Lifetime

May 4, 2012

Now is where you experience all the fun Now is where all your passion dwells Now is where who YOU really are is found and re-membered Now is where true living is experienced Now is where you rediscover your power Now is where the leverage of the Universe is found and used Now is where all Love […]

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